How To Adjust a Faux Septum Ring

This summer I designed and launched a range a collection of faux septum rings and listening to some feedback I thought it would be a good idea to show you how you can adjust your faux septum ring yourself if necessary as we all have different size noses and they come as a standard size.  ItContinue reading “How To Adjust a Faux Septum Ring”

AKILA: Gold Tribal Septum Ring

The last couple weeks have seen, Ashanti, Kalani and Malika being rocked by lots of gorgeous girls on Instagram Now we have added Akila to the collection:   Shop the collection here and use promo code: ‘BOMANIWOMAN’ to receive 20% discount Many of you have asked for the pierced version so I wanted to let youContinue reading “AKILA: Gold Tribal Septum Ring”