Eco-friendly Macramé Jewellery

‘Recycling Just Got Sexy’ Yes recycling is sexy and no I’m not crazy lol! Let me explain, over the last few months I  have been working on a new collection and I have finally launched it online so obviously I wanted to share the news with you guys. It is called MACRAMÉ and it is aContinue reading “Eco-friendly Macramé Jewellery”

Who is She? Bomani Woman (Episode 2)

This week see’s the release of Episode 2 of the ‘Who is she? Bomani Woman’ series and I am excited to introduce my gorgeous sister Nicquel Jackson. She is a model and co-founder of The Curl People who celebrate self-love and diversity – Everything curly, coily and beautiful. This 5’9″ beauty worked her magic onContinue reading “Who is She? Bomani Woman (Episode 2)”

Who is She? Bomani Woman (Episode 1)

Jewellery is more then body adornment, it is a personal style, an expression of who we are and a way of life. I want you to meet some of the people who make up our Bomani Tribe™ and bring our jewellery collections to life. So allow me to introduce Nicole who features in our new jewellery campaign:Continue reading “Who is She? Bomani Woman (Episode 1)”

Bomani Woman | Faux Septum Rings

This summer see the release of the Bomani Woman faux septum rings. Inspired by ancient tribal body adornment these clip-on nose rings allow the modern woman to adopt this fierce look anytime she desires. What is a BOMANI WOMAN? She is fabulous, fierce and focused. She is part of a tribe that challenges the status quo, sheContinue reading “Bomani Woman | Faux Septum Rings”

The Bomani Woman

  Follow Elisha’s board Bomani Movement on Pinterest. The time has come to design a new collection: BOMANI WOMAN A jewellery range for the female warrior living in today’s city battle. This collection will inspire you to feel strong and confident ready to tackle anything that life throws at you. I am excited to shareContinue reading “The Bomani Woman”