SS14 Jewellery Trends

SS14: Monochrome Madame

As a jewellery designer my style and colour palette is known as being predominately black and white so as you can imagine I was thrilled that the monochrome trend is back this season.
I love black agate, onyx and white howlite gemstones as they have so many meaningful qualities and I’m always wearing one of the above in the form of a bracelet or pair of earrings.

However my favourite combination is pearl and black as they compliment each other so beautifully.

With this in mind I have put together some of my monochrome jewellery  in a new
Monochrome Madame collection for you to browse with ease.

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Sophia Necklace // £200 // Monochrome Madame // Shop

elisha francis jewellery, monochrome jewellery, SS14 Jewellery trends, ringsDorothy Ring // £60 // Monochrome Madame // Shop

elisha francis, monochrome jewellery, SS14 jewellery trend, handmade jewellery

Ava Earrings // £35 // Monochrome Madame // Shop


Everything I design often has a vintage inspired theme and for me a Monochrome Madame is a woman who has a sense of style that is timeless and classic.  Fashion trends come and go but her wardrobe will always look elegant and fabulous.

Here’s a peek at my Monochrome Madame Pin Board:

elisha francis, monochrome, jewellery, SS14,

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